Flower Spirit

By flowerspirit

Rock Rose

We planned to make a flower essence at solstice camp but the weather didn't co-operate with us. You need 3-4 hours of full sun to shine on the bowl of spring water and flowers and we had only brief bursts of sunshine. So we sat on a rug and did a different kind of workshop instead. Lovely James asked if there was anywhere that the Bach Flower Remedy plants grow all together and as we walked onto the cliffs we saw that there were about 10 Bach Flower Remedy plants growing there! One of these is Rock Rose which I've never seen LIVE before! Thank you Jason for introducing me to a rock star I really admire!

Rock Rose flower essence is one of the ingredients of Rescue Remedy or Emergency Essence and it releases panic, terror, nightmares and heart-stopping fear. If you feel fear hitting you in the solar plexus that is a sign that Rock Rose would help. It is an extreme state and usually only temporary. Taking rock rose flower essence will restore courage, calm and safety.

It is the flower essence for the astrological sign of Pisces and often terror lies very deep and hidden in Pisceans. They are very open to spiritual realms which means they can be vulnerable to dark fears as well as great insights. Rock rose will release these extreme fears restoring balance and calm.

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