family of 4 x

By CarrieMills

my daisy

it was very hot today, not very sunny but very hot. when we got home form the childminders we went straight into the garden. we have a big patch of daisy's that grow every year so thought id make erin a daisy chain head band just like last year (only only now have i realkised that i took that picture on the 19th june, how strange. i finished it just in time for when grandad and reece arrived so she couldnt wait to show it off :)
reece and grandad got roped into pushing them on the swings while we made tea. swings are only good for the person on the swing not the person pushing them, fact!

caleb went into the bath without a seat tonight, hes been trying to climb out for quite a few weeks now so thought id try him without it and he loved it. think the freedom was better for him as he can move around freely now and doesnt stand up (as much). so thats another baby item gone :(

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