By MrsK277

Low tide.

An easy morning, with catching up on messages, blips and reading. MrK and I decided on a beach walk while FK slept in.
We drove to Wells which was incredibly busy with people and dogs. The tide was right out and that's when you catch sight of the odd seal on the revealed sandbanks.
We walked to Holkham along the beach as the weather turned and the rain obscured the view. Holkham was even busier, room in the cafe was at a premium, but we managed to squeeze in for a hot chocolate and warm sausage roll.
Popped into Mum for a cuppa after shopping for nibbly bits for new year's eve. She had been out for a walk herself with her walker, due to flat car battery, and Green Flag were coming out later. She rang after they'd been to say it was done.
Fk and MrK went off to watch the football while I had a bit of quiet time.
Pizza tea and a movie 'Your Christmas or Mine 2' after watching the first one at Lizzie's. Good old family watch!

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