By LincolnWarrior

Light Relief

Back to work today and another very damp day . The rain started to fall again this morning and has not stopped all day .
I was hoping this morning would stay dry as there has been some Waxwings reported in the City and thought I would take an early lunch and try and catch up with them but no the weather didn't play ball.
Late afternoon I was wondering what to blip as it was still very heavy rain outside and we was going to do the weekly shop after work..
For some reason there is a light bulb that has been sat on my desk for weeks don't ask me why as I don't know the answer. I decided to stand it up on my Keyboard and take a shot on my mobile. I have then played around with the shot in Picasa Inverting the colours and applying Heatmap I think it has produced an interesting effective shot.
Shopping done and tea out the way and watching the Semi-finals of the darts 

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