By Bella888

Deep in thought

Met 'G', 'A' and 3 year old 'L' at Da Nunzio. Their first visit (well it is only it's 5th working day). Turning into quite an Italian Club. Everyone knows each other. Today the brother of the owner of Giggi Gelato was there - last saw him ca. 10 years ago when he was helping out when the Gelateria had just opened. Blip is of the young owner and a member of staff - didn't take any memorable pics today - this is cropped from one taken of 'L'.

Slept badly last night, probably switched iff too late. So no coffee, stuck with a bottle of mineral water.

Walked round after, then crashed out at home. Now waiting for the Darts Final to commence. Hate darts, but there has been such a build up about our 16 year finalist. Seems so mature, balanced and confident. Bought a 24 hour subscription. Hope I can stay awake.

Have a good evening. Was cooler today.

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