By Kipsie

Sole survivor

This holly tree was loaded with berries before Xmas, a couple of cold nights & the tree was stripped bare, all except this berry tucked away under the canopy. I've noticed the ivy berries turning colour, blackbirds showing interest, so I guess that will be the birds next winter feed if it turns chilly.

I loaded up the car this morning, 5 cottage pies for Mum, another bag of cookery, travel, & gardening books for the charity shop, plus a bundle of RHS gardening magazines for the village library. All done while attempting to dodge the rain. I left early to do a Tesco's shop, filled up with petrol first, went around the mini roundabout entrance to the store and a woman came straight across the road in front of me. How we did'nt collide I don't know, then she put the car into reverse, fortunately nothing immediately behind her. Phew!! That's all I need. Did the shop, then off to Asda, picked up a couple of caes of cider, next Mum's. Packed her shopping away, got the cottage pies in the freezer. Walked Indie. Mizzly stuff when we left home, same all the way around, the ground absolutely sodden. Got back just before the heavens opened. Coffee, then went through the tv remote with Mum, checked her electric blanket had'nt been switched off. Set the mouse trap. Time to head home.
Lunch, then dentists appointment in the town .All good. Dropped the bag of books off at the charity shop. Home again, did the ironing. Dropped hubby up the pub, prepped the veggies, & sweet n sour sauce for dinner, time for The Chase, & a glass of cider.
Picked hubby up just after 6pm, then watched Richard Osman's House of Games til 6.30. Made dinner.
Off to watch the second episode of Truelove.

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