By WharfedaleBex

Ardentinny Part II

I’m not sure if it was the world’s best bacon butty or the beach that drew us back but neither disappointed the second time round! We took the road I’d cycled in June in reverse for an alternative meander and timed the walk to perfection weather-wise with a dry spell and low tide. I was very keen to show Rich this garden which I'd cycled past earlier this year but didn't Blip. Given I was so excited and Rich was so impressed, garden gets blipped! Spot the Cavemobile? Yabba-dabba-doo!

We saw something that we hadn’t seen in a long time with Little Dog. She suddenly turned at right angles away from us and marched off searching with her nose to the sand more and more frantically. We both recognised the look and knew it was time to step in. Rich caught up with her first just in time to prevent a New Year meatball, that looked like it had survived four tides, going down the hatch.

Instead of her choice brunch, we drove to Blairmore and bought Little Dog a burger sausage. She’s an absolute ‘mare to feed at the moment so we’re going for almost any calories now. She prefers the ones that are the worst for her!

We meandered back, stopping a few times to admire the stillness and loch reflections.

Time for The Good Doctor!

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