Dolly's Day

By dollydoug

Astrid has gone ... but Peppa has stayed.

Its been a day of football on the TV.  First  of all at 12.45pm the FA Cup 3rd round match between Sunderland  ( The Mackems ) and Newcastle United ( The Magpies )  kicked off.  A derby game between bitter rivals.  The two teams are in different divisions at the moment and they haven't played each other in the Premier League since 2016.   And Newcastle haven't beaten Sunderland since August 2011.  So this was a must win game as far as Newcastle and their fans were concerned.

It was a good game with Newcastle proving to be the better team.  They went ahead after 35 mins - an own goal by a Sunderland player.  Then only 32 seconds into the second half Isak scored for Newcastle.  Finally Newcastle got their third goal - a penalty scored by Isak on the 90th minute..  So a 3 nil victory for The Toon and they progress into the next round of the Cup.

See Extra for a photo Neil sent me of him  and Luna all ready to watch the match.  Luna doesn't look as enthusiastic as Neil does to be wearing a Toon top.

Next thing on the to do list was to give myself two injections - my new treatment for osteoporosis to help strengthen my crumbling bones. I have to have two separate injections once a month.  The first two injections were done on 6th December under the supervision of a lady from the hospital pharmacy but I was " going it alone " today.  I read through the instruction leaflet just to refresh my memory.  Its all fairly simple and I had no trouble. ( I did one injection in each thigh ) I've added an Extra of the injection pens and instructions.

Did a few chores and then settled down at 5.30pm to watch another of the FA Cup matches... Middlesbrough V Aston Villa. I was rooting for Boro to win and they were doing Ok.  The score was 0 - 0 and Boro were close to earning a replay but Villa scored a late goal on the 87th minute.

I started watching something else on TV ... but fell asleep.  I felt Ok yesterday but today Ive got a bit of a sore throat and I'm " bunged up ".  So it was good to have a day indoors ... and I think tomorrow will be an indoors day too. 

Wasn't sure what to blip for Silly Saturday but decided on this Peppa Pig chair.  It was a Christmas present I bought for Astrid. She loved it and used it a lot while she was here.  She already has her own little chair at home so it was decided that this one should stay here.  I haven't got round to putting it away upstairs yet.  I think seeing it in the living room reminds me of the fun times I had when Astrid was here.  Thanks to KangaZu for hosting Silly Saturday. 

Steps today - 2,901

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