Bright and Beautiful

By ThingsBeautiful

Fiery skies

this morning - whilst at the back - the deep grey was threatening!

I had my camera on the wrong settings and the 'fiery skies' was taken through a filthy bedroom window due to the recent heavy rains, but I thought they'd make my blip today.

I decided last night I am definitely not going to drive to Newbury today in view of the flooding.  I will go in a couple of weeks time unless we have snow by then!!

Those of you on FB may have seen the video of flooding I had to go round yesterday that I later shared - and here is the link to the paper local paper - scroll down to see extent of floods (unfortunately I can't find the link to the videos that I put on facebook from the paper)  Update, a friend has just sent this link Floods

Off to get ready for church now.  I'll catch up later, but I'm hoping for an unexciting day after yesterday's events!

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