By Bella888

Tracey Emin's been here?

The only photo today was of a friend's young son. Don't think she would want him on blip. So instead, a photo I took in London.

This rubbish was suspended in the air above a basement in London's Hanover Square. My first thoughts were, this is art, as good as Tracey Emin's "unmade bed", which sold for ca £2,5M in 2014.

If you are interested in purchasing (the rubbish), I can try and negotiate a good deal for you. £1M perhaps?

Errands at home a.m. In the afternoon to Boscombe for food, then to Westbourne to sample the coffee at another new place, which opened Saturday. Bumped into G, A and little L on the way, so they joined us. Colombian, single estate, coffee roasted locally. Enjoyed, will return.

Bed time. Good Night

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