By MrsK277

10th Birthday

I had my day planned, MrK was back to work. Except he wasn't! He'd got it's tomorrow.  Good job he just steps out the house for work!! He was home by 10.30 and wanted to go out for brunch and help me look for thinset and a slate panel for my mosaics. It started to snow! After looking at all the varieties on offer I was bamboozled and questioning my ability to be able to complete this commission. MrK gave me a confidence boost chat and we came out with the right size slate at least! Brunch had finished at Longacres so we just had coffee. 
I set about making Ottolenghi's parsnip fish cakes for tea do they could sit in the fridge for a few hours. I then sat and researched thinset a bit more until I was happy with what I was looking for!
Snow just settled on trees so Heather and I decided to go to the 10th anniversary of New City Girls WI at Hylands House. She was one of the original Committee who formulated the idea in someone's back garden after a few drinks. It turned into the biggest WI in the country with hundreds of women turning up on the initial feeler meeting. I remember we took over the Cricketers pub and ladies were queuing down the street. He was a happy landlord that night! The subsequent meetings were held at the Cathedral, as that was the biggest venue to accommodate over 300 women for the first official meeting. The reality was, many subgroups were groups, gin groups, walking groups, baking groups, ukulele group, Theatre group, ancestry group, lunch groups and our incredible choir that gave so many such joy. There's also a group called 'Out of the Box' where we did things a bit out of your comfort zone. Many lasting friendships have been made and we've done so much. That's where I won a bursary to pay for a four day Mosaic course. I have a lot to be thankful for.
The photo includes Heather and a few of the first meeting ladies.
What an achievement. Great evening.

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