By MrsK277

A little bit of Spring

It's freezing cold. I don't mind it so much like this. At least its dry. But I'm a summer baby and long for warmer, longer days.
Heather bought me these to brighten my thoughtful.
I did a little food shopping and passed on her kindness by dropping tulips and grapes to the Days household who are all down with covid.
Met Carrie for our weekly coffee catch up which is always great.
Prepared the boys a stir-fry for tea before meeting Jemma for an Ask tea for us. Back by 8pm. I'm being paid for a morning at work next week...two staff members have their respective fathers funerals...
She wants to pay me rather than volunteering so that I feel valued. That is very kind, but I am learning that I'm valued even without payment. I guess its a win win, and I am also very grateful. 
MrK, FK and I then watched  an old episode of this is your life with Nicholas Winton the man who saved 100's of displaced Jewish children by putting them on trains to Britain safely into the arms of Foster parents. The programme after, was old footage and interviews with Anthony Hopkins who plays Nicholas in the current film 'One Life'. I'd like to see it.

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