Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


First, thanks for the warm response to my blip yesterday.  I am glad that we are at a time when depression can be discussed without shame.  Of course, I would expect nothing less in this community of kind and creative souls!

Today's blip is being tagged for the Wide Wednesday challenge in the theme of old.  This is an old tape measure that I've always intended to photograph but just never got around to.  I shot it at 24mm and took it through some edits in LR.  The tape measure came to us in the wonderful old sewing table that was my MIL's and her father's before her.  The table is over 100 years old, but who knows how old the tape measure is...

It's very blustery outside today, and neither Jax nor I have wanted to spend much time out there.  On the positive side, the heavy rains yesterday coupled with temps in the 50's have resulted in about 80% of the snow melting.  The yard is now quite manageable for Jax as he no longer has to high-step through the snow.  During our brief trips outside, I've been throwing snowballs for him with what is left of the snow - he loves chasing and catching them, silly dog.

I'm going with dark with ginger today, one of my favorite flavor profiles.  


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