There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Starring the Last Dancing Girl in: Monkey Business

I almost can't believe it, but the plants we brought indoors a month or more ago are still living, and putting out blooms. We've got several osteospermum, also known as Kalahari daisies, and a fuchsia plant, which had one last pink bloom on it. 

The other day, I spotted the last Dancing Girl getting ready to leap from the plant; her days there were nearly done. I caught her as she jumped, and put her in a tiny container with water; and since then, we've been having adventure after adventure.

She said she wanted to go zoom-zoom, so I put her in one of our little cars, and away she went, with the Crittergators looking on with great interest. Suddenly, a whole trolley car of MONKEYS showed up. And then MORE monkeys in a car! EEP!

I don't know if all of those monkeys mean to cause trouble, whether they want to race, or whether they're just here to enjoy an adventure with a gal who just can't stay too much longer. But here they are. This blip features my last Dancing Girl, in the midst of a tale called simply: Monkey Business.

My music library yields some additional fun monkey tunes, but here's the one I selected for the day: Tweeter and the Monkey Man, by the Traveling Wilburys.

P.S. Thanks for the overwhelmingly positive response to yesterday's simple gift of five trees in snow. Sometimes life just hands you something beautiful, but you might have to gird your loins and go out in challenging weather to find it! Much appreciated! <3

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