Acts of deliberate notice

By Yaviere

It broke

On a rare day off for D and me together, we went adventuring! 

We drove to Bodiam Castle but they were having electricity problems and, with no cash on us, we couldn't get tickets. Instead we decided to go for a walk and a lovely local couple pointed us along a 3 mile route down the river and back in a loop. It was a beautiful walk on a beautiful day.

When we got back the power still wasn't working but a really kind member of staff sorted tickets for us in return for an online donation to the National Trust, so we still got to see the castle - yay! As well as huge fish, amazing old graffiti and cool ruins, we also found out that the castle is home to colonies of bats, which you can actually go and see in the summer. We will definitely be going back for that!

We got home early afternoon and I was busy until dinner making an elderberry cake with some of the berries saved in our freezer. For any foragers out there, this recipe is delicious:

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