By pensionspoet

Team photo plus

I woke at 5.45am to ensure I was ready to leave mums, all packed up, by 7. As it happens I left at 6.45. It was dark! It took me 2 and a half hours to get to County Hall in Norwich. I only just managed to get a parking space!

It was an important day, and all of my team were there to say farewell to my team member Carol, who retires today after nearly 10 years at the council. A valued member of our team, she will be missed. We were thankful to be joined by a few other colleagues from the other 2 admin teams. Lorraine and Jane brought some tasty treats for us to share. I was very grateful to them as I have been worrying about it.

Later we all went downstairs to have lunch together in The Mardle. Carol had some nice gifts. I had bought an orchid in a large glass vase, because I know Carol is good at keeping them alive (unlike me). We all wished her well. Retirement is daunting - especially when you work in a pensions department. We have promised to pay her pension on time!

I left just before 5. Another drive in the dark. I was glad to get home. I unloaded my car, hugged Jon, and crashed out on the sofa.

Daniel has donated to me his old iPhone, so I have started to transfer things. Then I had a panic, and decided to do my blip in case it didn't work. I'm hoping with the iPhone I will have better photos. The camera quality is much better. I also want to get the writing I've done and saved in notes, sent to my laptop. So that's next, then I'll swap my sim!

If you don't hear from me tomorrow, you know it all went wrong!!

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