By JanetMayes


It was a beautiful, bright day, after a very cold, frosty night. When I wandered round the garden before lunch, all the standing water was still frozen hard, as it has been for days. For today's Abstract Thursday challenge, I played with views down onto objects frozen into water - a stack of small plant pots lying on their sides in a larger tub, and leaves and gravel in the extra. I've framed, cropped and boosted saturation and contrast a bit - they were fun to edit. I was using my macro lens, which has not been out much for some time as the combination of low light and wind makes it difficult to achieve good results, but today was perfect for it and I also enjoyed photographing details of leaves and flowers. The second extra shows tiny berries forming on the smaller of our two yew trees. 

This evening J and I have watched Kenneth Branagh's Belfast (on its final evening on BBC iPlayer). J was interested and I liked it a lot. It's based on his Belfast childhood and the impact of the Troubles, set in 1969-70 amidst growing violence and intimidation on the streets and the arrival of British troops. I loved the black and white cinematography, in particular the many beautifully framed shots through windows which seemed like still photographs, and the Van Morrison soundtrack.

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