By seizetheday

Rear view

An early morning text to MrM, a request from the music shop to work today, scuppered the (vague) plans we had. Plan B hatched - we'd do a supermarket shop, and buy something for our evening meal, when he got back from work. But it didn't work out like that, as we realised that there wasn't enough time to go shopping before going out for the evening. The only sensible option was to leave the shopping for tomorrow, and have fish & chips for tea. As I sat in the van while MrM went into the chip shop, I glanced at the rear-view mirror and saw this. A back-up Blip!

A thoroughly enjoyable concert by Chris While, Julie Matthews and Kellie While, in Hepworth Village Hall this evening. Fabulous harmonies, and thought-provoking songs! (Unfortunately, no opportunities for a decent  photo as I had what could be politely called a 'limited view'. Glad of the back-up!)

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