By biddy

Monday, Monday…..

…….sung by one of my favourite groups of the past, The Mamas and the Papas,
I’m currently sitting with a mug of tea and the sky has cleared to icy blue, with the sun now obliquely shining in through the front lounge window, in the mid afternoon.
It’s catching the light on my Amaryllis which is sitting on the windowsill. (Photo in extras).
Neither of us has been outside today, with the exception of posting a birthday card to my Great Niece who will be 12 years old on Wednesday.
Stephen wandered the 100 yards to the post box at the end of our road, just for some fresh air. Well wrapped up in the strong wind, which is a remnant of last night’s storm.
A storm which left a lot of people without power in some places, felled trees and caused a lot of damage.
Once again here in our neck of the woods we escaped the worst of it, evidently.
I went and sat for awhile in the summerhouse just before lunchtime. It’s cosy and warm in there with sun pouring in, even on cold winter days. And it isn’t heated. Good to feel like I was “outside” for a short time. I took a photo of the hellebore in the bottom border for my blip photo, my namesake, it’s called Viv.!
This afternoon I‘ve been sorting a cupboard in the loft, and actually performed some domestic tasks!
Domestic goddess however does not apply to me in any shape or form! ;-)
Hope you all survived Storm Isha, as Storm Jocelyn arrives on our shores tomorrow, dumping more torrential rain and accompanied by strong winds.
Stay safe out there.

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