Hyde Park Heron

... and Moorhen and Canada Geese.

Another enjoyable day in the capital and, again, amazingly lucky with the weather.

A quick trip to the science museum, where the inaccurate use of the word 'experiment' and inappropriate use of the word 'magic' made even me - and I don't have a naturally scientific brain - suspect that teaching is being dumbed down.

Then a contrasting visit to the V&A and a guided tour by a historian who clearly knew her Renaissance and shared informed views of some of her favourite exhibits - very interesting and enjoyable. You see so much more when there is someone to tell you where to look and just what you are looking at, putting it in context.

Best, though, another lunch meeting with son and daur-in-law at a French brasserie near Piccadilly Circus - very tasty. (No daur and her partner this time, as they headed home last night.)

Lots of walking today so enjoy putting our feet up and sharing a bottle of wine.

Hope you've had a good weekend wherever you are.

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