Day at a Time

By Tweedy


It's the weekend of the Great Garden Birdwatch. It doesn't matter how patiently I wait and record I very rarely see anything what you'd call exciting in my garden. But it's good to get a sense of which birds come to the feeders. Here's a robin. 

The ceilidh last night was very good. The venue, Victoria Hall in Dunblane, is always excellent for a dance. It has a bouncy floor. The ceilidh band is terrific too. All 14 of us were up on the floor; some more often than others. The children all did well. I don't know how much we made but I think it would be a decent sum. 

V&J leave today for their journey home. They're really my sister and BiL's friends but we've known them over many years too. They used to live near my sister and BiL but moved away a few years ago. It's nice for them to see each other and they've all gone through to Edinburgh for lunch before they part company. 

When my sister and BiL return we will have a minor family get together for our last evening with house guests. 

Still no time to look at blip but back to normal next week. 

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