By Kipsie

This little sweetie ...........

... made a guest appearance while Mum & I were doing our RSPB bird count earlier. ....
FYO - Magpie 1, Blue tit 3, Robin 2, House sparrow 5, Long-tailed tit 3, Dunnock 2, Blackbird 1. Not very high numbers :-( ... Field vole 1 :-D
We spent an hour on the jigsaw puzzle, making quite good progress. I left Mum to prepare her sprouts & carrots to go with the homemade cottage pie from the freezer.
Feeling a bit frazzled today as I did'nt have a good nights sleep, then wide awake at 5.40am. A lazy day, with an easy dinner later. Countryfile, & the Great Pottery Throw Down, plus a new drama series at 9pm..... if I can stay awake. Simon Reeve is in Patagonia tonight. Will have to watch on catch up.
Had a Whatsapp chat with Jan in Costa Rica. They did'nt see anything amazing on their National Reserve trip, the overnight accommodation a little " basic", which was, apparently, worse than some of the accommodation they stayed in when I took her, Nicky & Carolyn walkabout in Thailand. Ha ha ha!! :-D It was'nt my intention to shock I just never gave it a thought. Nicky's a five star kinda gal so staying above a Karaoke bar was a bit of a come down.......... but memorable.

Today's bug bare - First of all I came across a discarded Costa coffee beaker & lid tossed into the bracken in the middle of the heathland.  Next, I checked on the site of a recent road traffic accident (3 weeks ago) where the vehicle had overturned and gone down a bank on the edge of the village (Joy riders apparently). The police accident tape has been removed from the trees, rolled up and thrown down the bank. Also down the bank were bits of the car, & belongings & numerous  plastic packages. So that just gets left behind. Walking back into the village I picked up 6 empty lager cans, the cardboard outer they came in, plus numerous sweet & crisp wrappers. GRHHH!
Is it time for a cider yet?? :-)

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