Keith B

By keibr

My only photo of the day!

Jan is trying out our new shovel, working hard to remove an awkward ridge.
When the gang went out on a snowshoe trip I stayed behind to prepare dinner. In the event I didn't because I got started splitting logs for the fire and clearing a bit more snow (with that new shovel)!
As the gang returned Rose and Ruth rolled up to say hello and stayed for a good while. After being sociable for a while I retreated to the kitchen to make dinner. Baked salmon, roast potatoes, sprouts, and glazed carrots. It all turned out well, which surprised me slightly. As I was peeling the potatoes I decided to go to the cellar and get a few more to peel, even though I already had plenty. This turned out to be the right move because virtually all the roasties got eaten - a success!
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