By TheOttawacker

Choosing the tree

Mrs Ottawacker took Ottawacker Jr to his 8am game today at Louise Riel (resulting in a 3-2 win) so I slept a bit more. Decided not to work until Monday – then got panicked and worked. Did the finances and paid GH. Tried to pay the proofer, but she had changed bank and not told me.

Started to do some Christmas cards – an eternal tradition for me. It’s the best way to keep in touch with people.

Went to purchase the Christmas tree at Habitat for Humanity. I’m not sure how, in our parlous financial state, we agree to pay $70 for a frigging Christmas tree. But we did, and even put it up. Ottawacker Jr and I standing and crouching, holding the tree straight, while Mrs Ottawacker lies on the floor and does the shimmies.

Evening: Ottawacker Jr goes out to see a production of A Christmas Carol with John, Trish, Jean and Alex.

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