By spannarama

Capstone view

Such a relaxing day today - just exactly what I needed.  Tim and I got up fairly early (for a weekend) and went for a lovely walk down to the seafront - and up onto Capstone Hill - where I took this photo.  The round building in the centre-ish is the Wetherspoons (which I've yet to go in).  I think it's a pretty cool building (even if the Wetherspoons owner is an arse).

Came home and had a cuppa, and some lunch - and then I got myself ready to do the Big Garden Birdwatch.  Camera, notebook and pen, blanket and travel cup of peppermint tea - check.  Then sat out in my hanging chair in the back garden for an hour of total mindfulness.  Soul soothing.  I could hear more birds than I could see (behind the hedge) - but still counted a fair number of sparrows, blue tits, jackdaws and collared doves - and a robin.

Had a relaxing evening, too, with leftover takeaway for tea.

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