By spannarama


Had a pretty rubbish sleep last night - woke up around 4am and my brain went straight into overdrive, worrying about Mum's return.  After talking to Tim in the morning, I messaged my brother and sister to offer to stay until Monday, to be there for that - but my sister kindly confirmed that she would take care of it all.  So I sprang into action to get various bits and pieces done and head home.

Put all Mum's washing away, then went to Morrison's to stock her up with food (and replenish all the wine we'd drunk through stress).  Had a long phone call in there with my brother, in response to a message we'd had from my brother-in-law.  Had a quick lunch when I got back, did a few last bits, and got packed up - then set out for home early afternoon.

Had a good journey and made it home before dark (lovely golden hour light for the last bit of the journey through the beautiful Devon countryside) - and was greeted by Tim - and also this cheery primrose, which I snapped a quick phone photo of while Tim kindly parked the car for me.

Had a really relaxing evening after that, and treated us to an Indian takeaway - our first in this house.  Very tasty too.

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