By TheOttawacker

Looks like my quote made the papers!

Another quiet day, as I tried to get back on an even keel. Got up reasonably early, made some coffee, and then went down to the main strip by the highway, where the Sunday market is held. Managed to grab hold of a couple of soccer shirts for Ottawacker Jr., and a Graham Greene novel for 1€. Well, you only live once.

On the theme of seizing the day, I emptied the bins, and went to do some laundry, having noticed that my supply of clean clothes was running low. Tried to go for a coffee, but everywhere in “El Zoco” was closed. Wandered home.

Bit of writing, then off to “Pal’s Bar” to watch the FA Cup match between Liverpool and Norwich, which was the first game since Klopp had announced his stepping down. Liverpool won 5-2 despite fielding a team of players I had hardly heard of – Quansah-McConnell-Bradley. Was quite emotional, really, in a strange sort of way.

Then I stopped off at the Almond Plaice for take-out fish’n’chips (I know, I’m sorry), walked home, ate, read, and went to bed around 9pm. Exhausted.

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