Keith B

By keibr

Adventure of the keys

Yesterday, as we went out to snowshoe, I couldn't find my keys. It didn't matter because I just picked up a spare house key and off we went.
Later in the evening I looked again, more seriously. Then others joined in and searched some more., but no keys were found. At this point I gave up, reckoning they would turn up in good time.
Just before going to bed I thought a little more.
It suddenly came to me that they may have been in the pocket of my sweater, the sweater I'd thrown over my legs to keep them warm as we paused for a warm drink on our snowshoeing trip. Since the zip up pockets were not zipped up the keys could have fallen out.
So first thing this morning, before breakfast, NotCuthbert and I retraced our steps to the place we stopped. And there they were, slightly pressed into the snow, just waiting to be picked up.
A triumphant start to the day!
The rest of the day was fun too but you can read about it on BrambleBlossom's blip, and possibly on HarlingDarling's blip. NotCuthbert was with me on the pre-breakfast trip and blipped the great moment.

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