Keith B

By keibr


...or should that be NotCuthbert, taking a break and having a drink of mulled wine (alcohol free!)
We are sitting on a small headland sticking out into the lake, where someone has built a picnic spot with three benches and a fireplace. As we snow-shoed over the lake we got to see a lot of tracks, elk, roe deer, and possibly more lynx tracks, and fox.
Jan was taking it easy because she seems to have the bug BrambleBlossom, and then I had. Unpleasant stomach bug - I won't go into details.
But otherwise a nice day with morning sledging, afternoon snowshoeing and evening Mexican Train games.
The extra shows some thin Ice. Well, not so thin but in this narrow section between the two lakes the current stops the ice forming for a long while.
However, now it is iced over, but being old and wise we stayed well away!

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