Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Old Friends


I think today's date is cool - 2.2.24 :))

Despite a late night, we had an early start. G managed to find a clinic who do affordable mammograms, so we got there for her 9:30 appointment. The medical centre is not far from us and is located in a fancy building. Fancy, because of the way it is lit up in the night. It has been going for just four years, so is pretty new. I noted that they had a grand piano in the Reception and had a Nuclear Medicine department! G said they had a new machine, and it was the least painful mammogram she's had.

That done, we drove to an area close to the airport to collect our tickets for the Planetshakers concert. I am relieved to have these in my hand as we learnt that the concert was sold out more than thirty days out. I've been in touch with the organiser directly to secure these. The only thing left was a VIP box.

We went on to Festival City to have a coffee and browse in IKEA. We haven't walked through the store in ages, so it was good to see the new styles and colours. We then had lunch and a look in M&S, where I bumped into ex-colleague Louise. We finally got home around 3. I had a nap as we were due to be in JVC at 6 PM for a BBQ with our church friends, some of whom we hadn't seen in two years. We had a fab evening. My blip is the photo we managed to get of all six of us. :))

We got home at 1 AM. Yikes!

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