2011 photo resolution

By karenanya

Mixed vegetable dahl

Did our usual Sunday morning run. It was drizzling when we started off but improved as we got going.  I've been thinking about extending my distance and today I did my longest run of over 16 km (10 miles). Having been told all the way through school that I was useless at anything active, I'm astonished that my 60+ year old body can run that far.  I did enjoy it too.  Thanks to S for being my companion.  
It was a bit late for breakfast when we got back so we had buckets of coffee and one of S's lovely cheese scones. 
I'm now cooking a new recipe that will be our meal for today and tomorrow. I've made 2 batches, so 2 more meals will go in the freezer. Hope it's nice!
More reading to do as soon as I've finished.  

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