Living my dream

By Mima

Good timing

As promised here are the paintings I created for my brothers' birthdays. "Birds on the wind" in the main. "Spotlight" in the extra. They are both oil on canvas on board, 10in x 8in (203mm x 254mm) and I'm wrapping them this afternoon ready to post them to the UK.

Coincidentally the two of them phoned me this morning from brother #1's home. They had spent Sunday on the Wirral in the company of our nephew to put Bill's ashes in his garden, where he had spent his happiest and proudest times in the years before dementia. As well as scattering ashes in the herbaceous border, each of them chose a spot to dig a wee hole into which they poured some. Presumably in spring plants will go into those spots.

Brother #1 wore a NZ hat I gave him a few years ago, specifically so that I was there on his head even though I wasn't there in person. Needless to say that revelation reduced me to tears. What thoughtfulness. There are times when we all miss each other.

It is hot today: 30 degrees and muggy. My morning garden work got slower and slower the hotter it got; until I came to a halt and retreated indoors for a glass or two of cold water and to sit in a breeze. 

It looks like it will even be too hot for a walk. Neither Bean nor I have the energy when it's like this... 

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