By MrsK277


MrK left at 6ish this morning for a christening in Wales! He was picking up Scott, one of the Godparents, on the way. The father of the baby and Scott were both work colleagues here at the same time, each now uncharged of their own grounds.
I needed to stay here as FK had a cadets commitment, so I walked to the venue with him and returned with his coat and phone.
On my way back I saw Amber over the other side of the river, closely followed by Heather. She sent Amber over the bridge to come find me, which she did excitedly.  Heather was full of cold, but we sat outside the park cafe for tea and biscuits. I did think I'd see the Cadets come through the park, but FK told me they were late leaving.
Going back to meet him later, it always makes me so proud when they're on parade.
My nephews wife has had the twins, 9 weeks early. Twin 1 3lb 6oz, twin 2 3lb 7oz, one born at home and two born in the ambulance! Twin 2 is struggling breathing so has been transferred from Carlisle to Sunderland with Dad. Mum stayed in Carlisle with Twin 1. My sister is on her way up to look after their other two boys when they come home from their sleepover. Logistical nightmare and the next few days are critical.

MrK was home safely by 8pm. A long day.

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