RSD Photo's Mexican Life

By rsdphotography

Museo De Las Momias

We visited the famous Mummy Museum today. In this interesting museum over 60 mummified bodies, which were exhumed from the neighboring cemetery as early as 1865, are on display. There are differing theories as to why the bodies in this particular cemetery became mummified, most have something to do with the minerals in this environment, but I'm not certain their is any definitive answer. What was definitive was the no photos or video sign on the way in. I, being the law abiding American, put my camera in my backpack and was resigned to just looking. The rest of the visitors must not have been able to read either Spanish or English as they were snapping away with cameras or cell phones, even using flash. No one seemed to care, so I broke my camera out for a photo this, the smallest mummy in the world (a six month old fetus) and her mother, with my wife reflected in the glass.

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