Keith B

By keibr

Dancing on the Tables

The first time I went skiing in the Alps was many years ago in my younger days. We were a group from my job who went to St Anton, and there I discovered the joys of after-ski. The event was considered to be going well when people started dancing on the tables. Sometimes they soon started falling off the tables too. Alcohol was definitely involved.
Today we all remained completely sober and no-one fell off the tables though a minimal amount of dancing did take place!
The sun has a real element of warmth now, and maybe we get a double burst when it is reflecting of the sea-ice!
On the way home we detoured slightly to see the ferry base where a chain ferry crosses the short distance to the island of Hemsö. We only popped down to look at the water and see if there was a toilet there (no toilet). The sun had set but the evening colours were rather lovely, hence the extra photo!
Everyone enjoyed the day and we hope for still more fun experiences before our visitors head off for England on Thursday.

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