Keith B

By keibr

Into the gale

Storm Ingunn crossed over from Norway and hit Sweden this morning. Southern Sweden suffered most but when we took our snowshoe trip we had to lean into the wind at times, in order to make progress, and on the way out we paused to pick up the bins that had blown over. In my blip we are down in the valley, somewhat sheltered, and the wind is now blowing from behind us. Temperature wise it wasn't cold, around 0°C, but the wind-chill was fierce.
BrambleBlossom had encouraged me to restart feeding the birds, which I did a couple of days ago. Now they really seem to have realised food is available and we spent a fair bit of time trying to identify some mysterious birds that were feeding from the seeds dropped on the snow by the bullfinches, greenfinches, blue tits and great tits. (You see we can identify some of the birds!)
In the end we realised they were red polls we were seeing, though the red patch on their heads often looked black against the bright snow.
I'll finish here, but you can check out HarlingDarling, BrambleBlossom and NotCuthbert to see how they describe the day. The differences and similarities of how we see the day are interesting in themselves!
The extra shows the lake we snowshoed over, but we kept away from this inlet where the water flows in, and the ice is thin.

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