By dogwithnobrain

In every life we have some trouble

So this morning I woke at 420 

I turned over realised I needed a pee so I stumbled carefully round the room, trying desperately hard not to grab Si's toe and.peed 

I came.back to bed and you know is 

I lay there and I thought about the consolidation I did for one of the auditors the afternoon before.  Was it right?  Was I wrong?  

I visualised the figures in my head and added them up again. No.  It wasn't right. I was pretty sure.  

Should I get up? 

 Send them a quick email. Let them know

I decided against it and went to roll over and try to sleep

I needed another pee 

I got up. It was 510 

I went back to bed.  

I thought about the numbers again. 

I was sure.  Now my stomach was hurting. I went downstairs  picked up my phone to

I did wordle. I did connections.  I did letter box. I did seven words in word box

At 640. I felt sleepy 

The alarm went at 654 

I rushed into work. 

I called the auditor. I called the papers back 

I explained to him my anguish 

I checked them. I resaved them and sent them back 

My boss appeared.  

I had already screamed a garbled message to him when he arrived, about my early start and panic and lack of sleep. 

He said..  don't redo the numbers. The numbers were fine.  You did what was asked.  You don't need to do anymore. You are doing enough. Month end. Year end. Auditors. other questions. Budget.  Take a step back. You are doing good.  Chill just focus on the budget 

And walked away 

I was stunned. 

I felt instantly calmed.  My boss is not one for me chilling. He likes me working til I break

I messaged him. 'thank you. You actually calmed me down there.  I feel so much better:  and he messaged me that above 

I told him I was going to print it and keep it forever. To.remind me that sometimes he can be decent 

I told the big boss this afternoon. It was THAT big a deal.  

The Big Boss laughed and said ' I know. He told me.  He was very proud to tell me you had thanked him for helping (obviously a big thing for him too) 

Then we moved onto something else and the Big Boss asked me if my boss had mentioned another matter to me which I instantly remember and got mad about.  And I said Argh you have just reminded me what a bastard he is. 

And he laughed and said 'good'

I think they are playing me off against each other 

And then to finish my day on top of the Budget the Audit the questions Month end and Year End. HMRC called and said they would like to carry out an inspection 

Oh hanneeenuuunha 

It was a good job I was chilled 

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