By dogwithnobrain

Watching every motion in my foolish lover's move

And the madness continues. 

I went to the harbor today and sat and gazed at the sea for a few minutes to center myself and to remind myself, that like the sea, like Arran, like the horizon.  I'll still be here in a couple of weeks, and I'll be able to breathe and sit back and sigh. 

The auditors were being stupid today, and asking stupid questions. 

"Show me evidence that your Company owns this company"> 

"Erm, you have been auditing us for 12 years.  If You think today, that we don't own it, you have an issue"> 

"please can you explain all these cash transactions between this company and threse three companies". 

1. That's not a cash transaction
2. That's not a cash transaction
3. That "not cash transaction"  does not belong in that company. 

You'd think if they were going to ask me something, they woul dbe specific. 

It must have been a little easier today, (despite working from 830 til 1830)  because at some time before 2 pm, there was an almighty roar outside.   

Some super amazing jet taking off , a few seconds past and a second took off, by the time I got outside with my camera - they were gone. No noise. 

20 minutes later, there was another almighty roar.   I grabbed my camera and ran. Got caught on the door handle, and got outside as the second lifted off just past me and shot off towards the horizon. 

This is the picture I took, after they had flown perhaps 12 miles north, and then turned and headed back towards  me before heading south. 

They are there.  But you have got to look really really close. .

I'm definitely more chilled, but tomorrow, I have two conference calls to explain things that those above me cant. 

I said I would so long as I didn't need a camera.  

I don't want my astonishing good looks  to detract from my super intelligence

Ps. See extra for sight of the planes .

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