By Kipsie

Decision, decision....

Do I meet Bavers for a walk & catch up on my own, or do I take Mum along. When Bavers messaged me saying she was only able to walk a couple of miles, due to post Covid stamina, plus the fact I had suggested Yarner woods which had some excellent birdhides...... Well, I arrived back at Mum's having walked Indie, & asked the question. I knew what the answer would be.
We met in BT, Bavers parked up & we drove up onto the Moor in my car. Dull but dry, the first hide had plenty of visitors to the feeders, we did a fairly level walk through the woods arriving at another hide where we sat for a while then back to the car, & off for a snack. I suggested The Moorland Hotel, Bavers was'nt familiar with it, although passed goodness knows how many times as it sits below Haytor rock. A good decision, our light snack turned into a delicious fish & chip lunch sat in the recently very tastefully refurbished dining room overlooking the terrace with views away to the coast at Teignmouth. We dined, chatted, & reminisced, the 3 of us having walked the Templar Way together back in the day. Bavers was so impressed she bought a joint birthday voucher for her youngest daughter & hubby to enjoy a lunchtime treat.
The only photos I had taken were of blurry avian visitors to the feeders so I've used the photo Bavers sent me of Mum. It does'nt technically tick the Tiny Tuesday box, but I'm sure she's shrinking, in height anyway.

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