By DaniLee22

Puppy love

Nothing says "I love you mum" more than stealing your bed, right? I'm a huge animal person... Well, cat person. But there's something about this dog that makes me love her so much. Maybe because she's the size of a small cat... Or her giant personality.
Her name is Morticia and she's a toy Pomeranian crossed with Bichon. She was born on my birthday, valentines day, and was my birthday present from my girlfriend. She has a little emo fringe currently because she won't let me get close enough to her face with scissors to be able to trim it properly...
You can't really tell because of the emo problem, but I think she's looking at the camera too.
Such a big personality (and attitude problem) for such a tiny dog. But I love her, she makes me feel better when I get sad :)

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