By DaniLee22

Right on time... Not

Although I was on time for my booking st the library, I was NOT on time to hand in my assessment this morning.
I ended up sleeping through all four of my alarms and missing the dead line to hand in my drawings. BIG NO NO.
Then, as I was getting my stuff ready to sneak it in, I missed the bus.
So Kayla, being the awesome person she is, came to my house and picked me up. She gave me a folder that Bev had for me (because Bev is also amazing) so that I had something to present my drawings in. Kayla also bought me food. And I almost cried.
I find it so amazing that these people have only known me for what, six months? And they already treat me like they've known me forever.
I spent four years at one high school being treated like an outcast and three years at another being treated the same. Then I come to SIT for a degree thing and I get treated like a human being straight off the bat. I feel so God damn lucky to know these people. They're so helpful. Even though I complain about my life so much... Honestly, I have a pretty stupid life at the moment. I'm not gonna lie. I know it could be worse. But I find it so hard.
So just knowing that there are people there for me makes me feel so much better and like I actually belong somewhere.
Thank you guys so much for everything.

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