By LooseCanon

Great Alne Mill

When we first moved to the village,  this was a working flour mill.   It is very old and was listed in the Domesday Book.  

It is now converted into a number of dwellings.  It is a bit of a bone of contention for us as a footpath crosses over the mill race which displeases the residents somewhat as it is right in front of their properties.   They tried to divert the path by building another bridge but that washed away.

Jane nearly came to blows with one of the residents some years ago.

We went out to see the floods which are pretty spectacular.   The road was about 10cm under water for about 200 metres but the white-van-man drivers seemed to take great pleasure in going through at speed and spraying us.   When I signalled to one driver to slow down he shouted F@@@-Off back at me.

The extra shows the same scene I took a couple of days ago.

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