By LooseCanon

Tulip macro

I know technophobe also blipped her jug of tulips but I decided to do a macro of a single flower.

This is focus-stacked in camera and lit from below.

As Jane has said in her blip,  we went up to Wex in Birmingham where they had a hands-on session with the new OM-1 Mk2.   The camera has not yet been released but it was really helpful to have a play with it.  The OM expert was really helpful.

I have decided to upgrade to it when it is released although I will be buying through LCE in Leamington as they are much more convenient for us.

The main reasons for the upgrade are the AMAZING autofocus and the fact that it has a built in ND grad filter that really works.

Extra is a screen grab of Lightroom.   I was rather taken by the multiple images.  The reason there are so many is down to the focus stacking

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