Marking Time

By Libra

Thank-you to cruise staff

On the last night (excuse back blipping) some of the 700 staff members walk down the central atrium of the ship to receive tremendous applause from us all in  appreciation of their excellent service .
I have said little about the social life on board . Let’s just say there is plenty of it nonstop from cabaret shows every night, casino, dancing for all tastes and ending with midnight discos and buffet.
The dress code and age demographic has dropped significantly in recent years. Once it used to be very formal and it was rare to see folk under 40. Now there are often several generations of families travelling together and even one young family with a set of 8 month old twins. The emphasis today is on a party ship.
Some things that haven’t changed though, and that is the abundant supply of food and the vociferous appetite of many holidaymakers.  

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