Bright and Beautiful

By ThingsBeautiful


weather today ;)

It makes up for the weather seemingly incoming for the next week - rain, rain, rain!!

I really wanted to go out today, but I had the very last online meeting from the Working Transitions coach (which was part of my package when I took voluntary redundancy) and then had to get on with interview prep.

In the end, I couldn't concentrate much so I took an hour off and got out into the sunshine in the garden this afternoon.  I have started extending the bed in front of the shed (first extra) and there is a starling still very interested in the almost empty coconut shell (second extra), and I have just added a beautiful sunset (third extra) :)

Also tidied up the left over scraps from the old shed covering and bagged them up ready to take to the tip hopefully later in the week!

Horrified to discover that there is a leak at the back of the shed roof - and not sure how the water is getting in as its all got its new cover on :(

(Trying to concentrate on anything when there is a football being banged around outside in the road is a nightmare - no silence for me when I really need it.  I've put the TV up loud downstairs to try to deviate from that awful sound :(  and of course its half term so it will be all day every day now - dreading Easter and Summer holidays.  I can't have the windows open as the sound carries too much and goes round and round inside my head :( )

Back to interview prep now - interview tomorrow at 2pm - job is based in Stratford, but mostly working from home..  Really hoping and praying I don't get as stressed as I did before last  Thursday''s interview....

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