By Zoemond


We had some gorgeous sun at lunchtime, followed sadly by some more wet and breezy stuff tonight. I'm hoping our very light landfill bin doesn't blow over in the night as it's bin day tomorrow.

The rose in the back garden had been a bit frosted so the white flowers are now pink and slightly wrinkly. Astonishing that it still has healthy looking buds though. And the bulbs in pots are coming up too - in extra.

This time three years ago we had a nice covering of snow!

Happy 2000 Blips to me! I should really keep a better note as I forgot all about that! Oops... Very glad to still be Blipping, even though I took a long time off in the middle. I think it's taken me about 10 years to get to this point. There's always something new, and so many lovely Blippers out there.

Hold on, I've been back to the start and I actually started Blipping, very infrequently, on the 17th of February 2013 so this is very nearly my 11th anniversary! I did not realise that!

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