By JackyMT

Misty's safety snake

she has always slept in it's circle ever since she was a kitten. She has a lovely soft bed, but no she likes a hardish surface and her snake.

I shopped at Lidl today whilst Paula took Tanzy on the park behind it she said it was really soggy. I got a brownie freebee, but only one I don't care for them so it was for Paula, Then we went to Morrisons I got some custard doughnuts, for me OK not all of them but they did outdo the chocolate brownie and Paula had a custard doughnut instead. You can do a spin every time you shop if you have the app, and I got another freebee, a Belgian bun I think it's called a sort of current bun with icing and a cherry.

It was raining this morning but It's been sunny again this afternoon, still chilly though well it is only February

It's pancake day (Shrove Tuesday) tomorrow Tuesday 13th. but we are having ours Wednesday because I have Tuesday tea all planned.

Thats it for today good night

nner for tomorrow

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