Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Fully loaded


It's Friday, and my weekend begins. YAY! G went to school for the International Day Parade. I had time to have a lie-in and get ready for Diane to collect us both for a walk in Al Seef. Fortunately, G came home in time, so we picked Diane up.

We got to Al Seef in time for morning coffee, so opted to do that first. It was such a gorgeous day - perfect blue skies with a few fluffy white clouds. The temperature was under 25degC (and has been for the last week). We enjoyed just being in the outdoors, watching life on the Creek. There were many dhows loaded up and ready to go. We saw at least ten sail out, all with their cargo covered in colourful tarpaulin.

We had a short walk around the "mall", staying close to the Creek. The Heritage Hotel was sporting red Chinese lanterns, reminding us it was Chinese New Year. Back home and after a much-needed afternoon nap for us both, we ventured out in the evening for a Chinese meal!

The restaurant we chose didn't have Chinese desserts, so we went to the Golden Dragon, which is closer to home. It's funny how you don't frequent places close to home. When SweetArt and I were kids (back in the 1970s), we used to wait for our school bus in front of the Golden Dragon Bell. We moved, and eventually, so did the restaurant. I can't believe that of all the places it could have moved to, it is still relatively close to us. (I had suggested to G that we walk to this restaurant for our CNY meal.) Long story short, we thoroughly enjoyed the dessert and the service and can't wait to return for a meal.

As we had both napped, we were not in a hurry to get home. We're not often out at this time of the night, so it's fascinating to see the nightlife. Places we drive past during the day were well-frequented on a Friday night. Despite it being nearly 11 PM, I drove G on Trade Bridge heading to MBR Boulevard. For the last few years, they have had a changing display of lights to mark the season. I expected to see Chinese lanterns, but there must be a policy change. It was surprisingly quiet for a Friday night. I guess now that we have Chinatown in Dubai Mall, CNY celebrations have moved there. We didn't go in to find out.

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