By TMac


Building brave new worlds and living great white hopes.
Narrow-eyed and lean, a fearless legionnaire.
I have never found the strength of my desire.
You lived through extremes and struggled to survive.
New leaves are turning. New days are coming.
Celebrate, celebrate.. careless and light, aimless and free.

Celebrate, celebrate.. weightless and high, happy as air.
Holy joy, holy joy.. live and be damned, live and be damned.
Celebrate, celebrate.. surrender yourself, come alive.
Up above the roof, the sky is brilliant blue.
Past the threshold lights, nothing confines you.
Now the storm has gone -- no need to batten down.
There's another life slowly melting you.
New leaves are turning. New days are coming.

(Horse McDonald)

Almost 50 pre-pubertal Primary School weans on the verge of High School and all it entails....

Kilts, heels, tiaras.....not all on the boys!

Lewis had a whale of a time.

Another good day in our house - fantastic report cards from the youngest two.....can't complain (well, I can - I have about 150 photos to process from tonight then burn to DVD....)

Roll on the end of term!!!

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