Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Rich Learning


Wow. I can see why the Government issued weather warnings and asked people to work from home. The electrical storm through the night was phenomenal. Lots of sheet lightning and some very loud thunder. I got to watch some of it from the security of my bed.

Our precinct stayed relatively dry, with any standing water easily removed, but other parts of town took a real hit. We saw videos of hail and snow in parts of the country! Lots of cars have been damaged by hail the size of golf balls.

I'm so glad G is on half-term, so she got on with what she wanted while I worked. The storms forecast for the afternoon didn't occur, so we ventured out to meet with David and Richard (who we met around this time last year). They are in town for the day, on their way to India.

We had a great catch-up whilst enjoying an Italian meal at Eataly. Rich and G talked about the project he is working on - to revolutionise how kids learn using tools that are second nature to them (phones/tablets/VR headsets). The trip to India is to meet with animation studios. We ended up dropping them off at the airport.

A funny thing that happened as we were driving to the restaurant. Rich gave us signed copies of his books last year. Today, I gave him one of my calendars. Whilst chatting about where his journey originated, I mentioned it was where my favourite artist (Sara Groves) lived, to which he said he knew her and her husband personally. Suddenly, the calendar I gave him was going to be delivered to SG when he got home! I so wish I had taken another calendar to the car with me.

Home to a quiet evening.

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